Mummas please help with advice!


Sitting down watching a movie with my 8.5 year old and a couple were dancing with each other and she said “mum is that like the S.E.X?” I was so taken back by it? I replied to her “what are you talking about? The dancing? Mum they’re dancing they didn’t do anything?” And she replied “oh okay I’ll tell you about it later.” Ummmmmm hang on..... obvious out she has heard of sex through her friends.... but.... I’m so scared of this conversation! And isn’t she too young? Did she maybe bring up the dancing and relate it to sex to give me a hint that she knows what it is and she wants to talk about it? Can mummas who have had the sex talk witn their kids give me any advice? Should I talk to her about it before her friends really get in on it? 🥺😭