What do you do...?


So, when our babies were all turning one I answered a model call for a local photographer/fellow military spouse. In exchange for doing the model call she said we would receive 5 images. It was a 4th of July/ a simple cake smash set. Since then, she has moved cross country (MD to CA) and has ignored all of my attempts to get into contact with her to get the images from her. If I hadn’t done the model call we would have paid someone to take the photos so we would have those priceless memories. Our babies are almost 2 and I’ve attempted to contact her several times over the last 8 months and have only been ignored. We got family photos done with her a week or two after and did receive those photos that we paid for, but no cake smash photos. This is the photo of him that she posted to her business page on the 4th. I’m not sure what I can do at this point? Is there anything I can do? I have emailed her a few times offering to even pay for the images at this point. I really wanted these memories of him, and I’m honestly so sad we don’t have them.

Just posting an update: I did email her one last time after I had posted this this morning stating that I had tried to contact her several times but never got a response or received any images. She finally got back to me saying that she had never gotten anything from me and that she would send the gallery right away. The gallery she finally sent is unedited and doesn’t look the greatest, looks nothing like the photo above that she posted to her page, but at least I finally have the images. Time to learn how to edit photos. 🙃