Squirt lmfao


okay so for the longest i would orgasm but nothing else would happen so i thought i was one of these people who just doesn’t “ejaculate” when they cum but yea

I was flicking the bean lmfao and idk wtf was going on but i got scared bc i felt soooooo much liquid on my hand, like my ass was wet and everything.

I wanted to make sure that i knew what it was (that i came for the first time in 4D) so i smelt my hand and it did smell like pee but different, like not as pungent so like is it a squirt or am i losing my mind and i just pissed myself while masterbating😳✋🏼

It left like a huge stain on my mattress and when i looked it up, other people’s wasn’t this big 🤦🏻‍♀️

So please someone lmk if i peed myself or i just had a massive squirt LMFAO