Imagine your boyfriend talking to your friend behind your back 😖

I found out last week that my boyfriend has been messaging my friend who’s 18. Telling her if he was single he would kill to have a woman like her because she’s perfect and the full package. That she’s gorgeous and he bets there’s a lot of men falling at her knees. How he was gonna give her a big hug but not in front of me. How I wouldn’t like it that he was taking to other women but he just feels more comfortable.

I’ve been feeling really down since last week and I can’t seem to find a reason to actually smile. In front of him I’m putting on a happy face but I’m not happy. I’ve forgiven him because I love him but I just don’t know how to feel anymore 😞

I feel so fat and ugly. I feel like he wants another woman who’s the complete opposite to me and I’m just not enough anymore.

I find myself very insecure now and always wanting to know who’s messaging him and why. I’m not this person and I hate being and feeling this way.

We both come off of Facebook because he claimed the reason he messaged her was because he was feeling down and wanted some attention - I mean I was right here 😭 I’ve said if we’re good and he’s getting all the attention he needs/wants then we’re not going back on. I can’t feel this way again 😞

She sent me the screenshots and not once in there did she say it was wrong and that he should stop despite being my “friend” or tell him that he was making her feel uncomfortable even though she told me that’s how he was making her feel.

I honestly feel like I’m just not enough anymore 😖😭

I don’t get it - as my friend she should of said “stop, go to your girlfriend and get the attention you need. This is wrong.”

He told me the night I confronted him that he can’t live without me and if I had ended it that night he had already drank 16 cans so he could throw himself in front of a van.

I know it can’t possible be my fault because regardless of not getting enough attention doesn’t mean he can or should go to someone else. He should have spoken to me 😞

EDIT - I was at home the day he messaged her with our 2 year old. She sent me screen shots but she didn’t tell him to fck off or that it was wrong. They’re both in the wrong and I’m just as angry with him as I am her. Any friend would of said it was wrong and she wasn’t interested. Every time he asked her if he was making her feel uncomfortable or awkward she kept saying no and he needed to stop apologising. So you tell me again that I should get off hers and onto his! What kind of friend does that make her?

EDIT 2 - I’m not saying it’s all her fault and I understand why some people would just place all the blame on him. I guess there’s a lot of man haters on here that like to put everything on the men instead of thinking the girl could take some responsibility. Not everything that was said was put in this post but the things that really made me angry and hurt my feelings were. If you think I’m lying or you have an issue with me placing some of the blame onto my so called friend then you’re a shitty person 🤷🏻‍♀️ the men aren’t supposed to take all the blame. If she had told him that he needed to stop and he was making her uncomfortable and he still carried on messaging then yeah it would be all on him but she didn’t. She entertained him and I don’t care what any of you have to say about the matter tbh. I’m allowed to feel the way I do about who I do. This chick was my mate and because my boyfriend showed her a bit of attention she lapped it up and lied about him making her feel uncomfortable which she only told me when she sent me the screen shots. So you think what you want but I’ll be pissed off with her as much as I like. She let him message her all day long and only told me that it was awkward for her even though he told her to tell him if it was making her uncomfortable. Ya’ll suck ass you bunch of man haters 🙄

We have a child together. It isn’t as easy for me to just walk away. We also have 12+ years behind us. He’s the love of my life, father of my child and angel babies. Judging me based on the fact I’m choosing to stay is wrong because you don’t know me or my fucking life! 😒

And for the chick that thinks it’s okay to throw my child into comments when it doesn’t affect her at all, shut your mouth. She’s perfectly fine, she didn’t see or hear us arguing as she was in bed! You had no right at all to bring up my child as if the choice I made was wrong for her!