Hurt his ego ig...

So lately my boyfriends dick game is been so wack. Usually he has me screaming but lately he cant even stay hard so ive basically been faking it.He also gives horrible head btw. So today i decided not ti fake it and he came twice and i told him i didnt cum at all. He was talking alot if shit before hand too so i was teasing him and he literally got so insecure and now he wont talk to me... Why are men so dense?

Lol not yall getting mad, i told him that what he did wrong as i always do, and i simply said, " so you were talking all that shit but didn't couldn't even make me cum huh". If I was talking shit to him saying i was gonna give him that glock glock 3000 and it took him 45 mins to cum he would be talking the same shit. Yall lame

Ok so he basically sat me down and said that the reason he couldnt stay hard was because he thought he might have cum inside a bit and he wasnt mad at me he trying to figure out how to tell me... So yeah turns out hes not sensitive and yall can leave me alone. Our relationship is fine and he can infact take a joke.