Allergic to sperm

Just my luck. Just. My. Fucking. Luck.

Guys 😂😂😂 I wish I was joking. I’m allergic to my boyfriends fucking cum. Idk if it’s cuz of what he eats or what. I’ve never been tested. The first few times I swallowed I was fine. Then one day my throat got wicked swollen n shit. Super randomly. And then super randomly after that when he cums in my ass (tmi whoops) my throat gets a weird itchy feelings. Never anything from like my skin or anything when he cums on me. Pre cum seems to be okay.

But now I can’t swallow anymore, I don’t like for him to cum in me and I think it’s bugging him about how little I can do. Like I’m not experienced at all with sex and I’ve been sick lately so I really have been a dead star fish and I hate it. And I suck at bjs I’ve never given a proper one where he cums from it. I just don’t know how and I’m scared to look stupid. I’ve done so much research though.

I just feel like a bad gf not being able to do this stuff for him. We also are like sort long distance and I’m really not into taking nudes and sexting anymore. It’s just so much work and I don’t have time for it all. Tonight I was busy when he was going to bed and Ik he was probably annoyed because 1. He asked me earlier that week if we could sext more and I said yeah. 2. He didn’t text me goodnight :/ idk what to do. Am I being shitty ? I’ve never been a real gf before and I just am not good at it I don’t think