Would you feel betrayed??

So in middle school I had a close friend & she had a older brother. (We lived in the same neighborhood) . One day I went over and he had sat me on his lap and touched me. a few months after he had left to live in a city where my cousin lived and I didn’t see him anymore, I would still talk to my friend here & there but than stopped being friends. But as I got older I came to the realization that I was sexually molested when I started to learn about consent etc. (In middle school I was very innocent & knew very little about adult stuff). My cousin started to be friend w/ him because they went to hs together & I never told anyone about what happened. He had left to the service and came back to live by me again. I avoided him at all cost & would hardly come out of my house. I decided to open up to my cousin about it & told her the truth. It honestly felt like she didn’t believe me which hurt a lot because I grew the courage to tell her. Than after telling her, she invited him to my house twice ( I lived w/ my grandma at the time & she wanted him to see my grandma) she even told me “I know you don’t feel comfortable around him but you don’t have to hang out w/ us if you don’t want to”. Not once did I leave my room when he was at my house. But I can’t believe she did that to me knowing he did that to me. Not once but twice she did that. She even brought him in when I was in the kitchen & expected me to be okay w/ it. I feel as though sometimes my family thinks I hate on her etc but if only they knew how badly she hurt me.