In-laws don’t give me privacy

Please help me understand if what I did was wrong, because if so I will apologize.

So I gave birth about 4 weeks ago. My in-laws were a pain in the ass and overly involved after I was discharged.

Now they want to visit us again and stay with us for two weeks! I told my husband that I needed my privacy at least during the middle of the night because I feel uncomfortable doing my new-mom duties basically half naked, looking like a mess in front of his family (especially dad and brother). I knew his family wasn’t going to react well to it so I told him that it was ok if his mom stayed with us and if his dad and brother would stay with his other son (who lives 20 mins from us) and that we would go visit his other brother during the day or they could come visit.

Well they took it as if I had told them that they could never see their grandchild again and that they weren’t welcome in my home at all.

They decided to cancel their trip to visit us.

Was I wrong? Because I’m trying to understand. I thought that out of everyone my MIL was going to be the one to understand.