Memorizing books?


Is anyone elses June baby starting to memorize their favorite books? Theres a few short books we don't even have to read because he knows it by heart and will recite it.

What really amazes me though is he absolutely loves these science books for babies and tonight I was reading General Relativity and it's not an easy book and we haven't read it in a while. He knew some of the pages before I even read it. He said "mass warps space" and he pointed at the picture and said "a particle!" There's also a page that talks about "with lift and thrust we can go to the moon" and he said "lift! Thrust! Moon!" When we got to that page.

My jaw seriously dropped! So then I started quizzing him without him even looking at the book and he could still tell me the answers. 🤯 I think I have a little scientist on my hands.