New neighbor asked me out

A new family moved in our neighborhood. They have 2 sons. One my she named Sammy and an older son named Adam. I've spoken to Sammy. I think he either has anxiety or a stutter or both. We do have conversations he just seems like a shy nervous person.

I heard my doorbell ring and I see Sammy and Adam out my window. I could also here then talking. My door bell rang again and I heard Sammy say "Don't ring more than once!" And Adam said " Sam, if you want a girlfriend show initiative ". Right before I answered the door my bell rang again and I heard Sammy whisper about "Stop it! She's gonna think I'm weird!" I answered and Sammy looked flustered. He blushed a little and said " Hi-i I was w-w-wondering if" then his brother cut in and said "Sammy would like to plow you!" While making sexual hand gestures and Sammy looked even more embarrassed and told him to shut up and that's no ttue. Then he said to me "There's a rodeo tonigh t... Was wondering if you wanted to go.... With me.... Maybe... Possibly...."

so I'm going on a date at 6 tonight😘