I burned my coochie and no it’s not a joke

I was tired of having any sort of hair down there. I absolutely did not want to shave. I bought the nair that’s specifically for the bikini line.

I apply the cream and 30 seconds in my whole vagina is just on fire, I get in the shower spraying water on it and I couldn’t touch it to rub it off because every time I touched it, it would burn more so I just had to stand there spraying my coochie until it all came off and then I got out and checked the damage out. Kinda red, but it’s okay. I actually put diaper rash cream on it because obviously i know it’s a fucking burn. 45 minutes later, I look down and I’m like “WTF” because my entire vulva swelled up and turned bright red. When it hit air, the BURNING OH MY GOD. This Bitch looked like she got punched in the face.

This has me popping Benadryl, calling my momma, and my auntie, AND Jesus. I was like “I broke my coochie mom”

And both my mom and auntie said that I needed to go to Walmart and get ibuprofen, aloe Vera, and preparationH or whatever, HEMORRHOID CREAM. They said that if this didn’t work I needed to go to the ER immediately.

Bruh I did not even get out of that Walmart before that cream was on my coochie. I bought that shit and waddled to the bathroom. I could barely even WALK. Immediately it starts helping and like 15 minutes later the swelling went down to being very very mild.

It’s still angry, and it’s still burns.. especially when I have to pee or wipe. But I’m keeping it clean and keeping medication on it and I’m calling my gynecologist for help on monday because this is an actual chemical burn and I’m worried about infection and how I can keep it clean enough it will heal with no issue. The burn is on the right side of my outer labia.

But yeah that’s the story