Pregnant after back-to-back losses - What do I do?


Hi ladies! I’m currently 10 dpo and last night I got a positive test. Earlier this month I had a CP and back in February I experienced a MMC at 8 weeks.

Immediately following my chemical, I had my first appointment with a fertility center (I’m 34 and we’ve been trying for a year at this point). She mentioned that they would start me on progesterone if I got another positive. I guess I should mention that my progesterone was pretty low with my last pregnancy (>0.5) but I started miscarrying the day I got my blood work, so I don’t know if it was on the low side before that. We suspect that was the issue though with both pregnancies since I had cramping and spotting throughout.

Either way, here we are - another positive test and of course it was a Friday night. The office is closed until Monday and I’m panicking that by then it’ll be too late to do blood work, wait for results and then be put on something to try to keep this pregnancy.

For those with low progesterone, was there anything that has worked for you early on? Is it safe to just start taking vitamin b-6 or progesterone until I talk to my doctor?

Help please!