Switch from crib to bed, before or after sister arrives?

Amy • Wife & Girl Mama 💕✌🏻

Hey! My daughter will be 2 in November. We are expecting her little sister at the beginning of January. Looking for advice on when people switched their babes from a crib to bed and if they’d do it the same or different? I kind of assumed we wouldn’t transition her until after baby arrived. Our first slept in a pack and play in our room until she was 5 months old and then went in the crib in her own room. We figured we will do the same with #2. I guess my question is.. would it be a good idea to start and get the transition underway now and hopefully settled by new babes arrival? Or wait until new baby is here and it’s almost time to move her into her own room? My daughter has no issues with the crib. I guess I’m just starting to wonder if she’ll feel like little babe is taking everything from her if we give #2 the crib once she’s here? Any advice is welcome! ☺️

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