Sunday August 22-2021 Nehemiah 8:1-12

◦ They rejoiced for true worship!

◦ We must have a desire to hear from God


◦ The people called for Gods word

◦ Gods word is like oxygen for a oxygen deprived person

◦ The people made the platform to worship the lord and bring attention to him for the lost

◦ These people where called out for a purpose

◦ The God of the Bible was being worshiped NOT the book

◦ The people answers “Amen Amen”

◦ We call our father who thou art in heaven

◦ These people where connected with God in that moment

◦ There’s a lot more that 3 mins in a week! There’s time to worship every place

◦ Hearts are being changed cause God is gripping people’s hearts

◦ Where true worship is stored that’s when lives are changed

◦ Repentance is the most natural response

◦ All the people wept as they heard the word of God

◦ Joy and peace are gifts from God

◦ Where God is Heaven is

◦ There is joy in the presents of God

◦ generosity will spread

Notes from the sermon today !!!!!!!