Being an unsupported boss

Let me start by saying I have 3 kids and have been on the other side of this also. We've been remote since Mar 2020 and are just now transitioning back to in-person. We are going with a hybrid model, so everyone will be able to WFH 2 days each week, but for the first 2 weeks they've asked everyone to come into work to get reacquainted. So, one of my employees is a FTM and had asked to be exempt from coming in everyday because she has to carry pump parts and ice cooler into the office. While I'd have loved to be home with my kids for longer, I feel like this isn't a very good reason to be exempt from a request that is being asked of everyone. I also feel like saying no is a bit anti-feminist. What do you guys think?

Update: She is super accommodated. There is a lactation room and she can pump in her office. She was also offered a secure conference room, so she had options. We also had a fridge installed in her office because someone who left during the pandemic left it in their office, so she got it instead of offering it to the most senior person.

Update 1: We work in education administration, so the two weeks is to provide institutional knowledge to all the new colleagues and two years of students who have never been on the campus before. We aren't really student facing, but there are lots of new colleagues who are and they won't really get an orientation, since they aren't new to their roles, but they are new to being in-person. The request (which came from above me) to have everyone in-person is so that there are people who can answer the many anticipated questions.