Will my daughter understand?

I have a daughter who is almost 2, and I am 22. Currently I am finishing a very promising internship 5 days a week and take a 2 hour train there and back everyday. I only get to spend about 2 hours in the morning with my daughter, and by the time I get home she is already asleep.

Since that doesn’t pay me very much, I also work overnights at a bar a few days a week so I can have money for us. The time I spend with my own baby seems so short and I feel like I’m missing her whole life.

I know in a year or two I’ll be making much better money and be able to work less, and usually I can get through the day by telling myself she will be proud of having a single mom who worked so hard for her to have a good life. But sometimes I worry she won’t understand and she will resent me for always being at work.

During the day she stays with my parents and spends time at her fathers house and he takes her to do activities etc, so she is always with family but I worry still she needs her mom to be around more.

But if I don’t keep working and finishing my internship, we will struggle daily and be in poverty and need gov assistance.

I just am not sure