My family has been so damn cautious in regards to covid. I have a 2.5 year old and a 4 month old. My husband and I are teachers and today was our first day back for preservice.

These are pictures of my portable classroom. I will have 35 8th graders, some of which will be vaccinated, in one class. My other classes will be slightly smaller but they are 6th graders, most of which won’t be vaccinated. This was as far apart as I could get the desks.

I’m going to fucking catch covid and bring it home to my children. I am so upset. I wish I could just win the lottery 😭😭😭

Any other teachers out there also worried? Anyone have younger ones who had covid?

Anne- yes, I am very well aware that a vaccinated child can give me covid. There will be 36 of us in this very small space. I am expecting it to happen. That was kind of the point of my post.