Needle Trauma

So I'm not gonna lie. I have not been a great mom. After 13 years I now have custody of my 15 year old. I have two kids. 15 year old son and 8 year.old daughter but my daughter was adopted out. I left my son with his dad when he was a baby. His dad passed away she he was 5 and I got him back for a little while but lost custody after only 4 months so he went with cousins. After 3 years they pretty much went MIA with my son. I had already had another baby nd in tried to be a better mom for her but decided to adopt.her out for the best. I got my life together and even got a job at a hospital as a Medication Aid and have a little apartment. I found out where my son had been. (Trigger warning) his cousins had been sex trafficking him along with their kids for years. They got caught by an undercover cop. When I found out I wanted to.kill them and I got emergency custody of them and they are now gonna allow me permanent custody. I'm pretty much a stranger so my son. He calls me Trish(short for Trisha). He had to go get some blood work done Thursday but idk how that's gonna go. He has needle trauma because him and the other kids were injected with God knows what to keep them from fighting back once they got strong enough to. He's in therapy but has a severe phobia of needles. He will cry and flail and sometimes end up accidentally urinating. He's getting more strong so I'm scare he's gonna end up hurting someone or himself from freaking out. I'm not really a person who he can turn to for comfort because he doesn't know me.

Edit: He has a therapist. I thought they were all qualified for trauma?