seriously need help this time


Hey guys, so most of my posts are satire but i’m actually in need of advice. So for a little background, i got the birth control shot a few months ago. I got my period and it was all normal but it never stopped when it was supposed to. ive had my period for an extremely long amount of time. And i use tampons. so basically what i’m trying to get at is ive been using tampons pretty much every day for a very long time. today i was at school and started getting unusually tired in my last period. when i got on the bus i got these very painful cramps for about 2 or 3 minutes then they went away. After that i got a headache and as i was walking into my house the cramps came back for another like 5 minutes. i also felt very hot so i went to go take my temp and it was 100.3. i don’t know if this is connected to me wearing tampons so often but these are all symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome and i was wondering if anyone had any experience with jt or had any advice for me. Oh i also got my first dose of the covid vaccine yesterday so maybe that’s why i feel bad? i don’t know, please help