I’m having a selfish fit …. Help me out😂🤦‍♀️


I have a scheduled C Section September 3rd and I was told that my nail polish on my fingers and toes need to come off. This is where the selfish fit comes in so bare with me.

I have dip on my natural nails which they said needed to come off as anesthesia requires polish off….they are so thin they break without it. They are finally the perfect length and man it’s not easy to grow them. Also a part of me is like having them nice is the only thing making me feel somewhat normal and out together…

Has anyone even kept theirs on?! Like how big of a deal is it? I saw online that if you went in they would just use another part of your body to monitor the oxygen and what not. I also really don’t want to jeopardize anything if it’s really important to have it off.