35 weeks, finally starting the last preparations!

Stephanie • 08.2019 💜 | 09.2021 💙

I’ve gotten the rest of the house squared away (nursery decorated, 2-year-old’s room REdecorated, old baby stuff washed/sterilized and new baby purchases made as needed, closets/basement/pantry purged, deep-cleaned, and organized).

It’s finally time for the last “must-do” task: restocking the freezer! I took a few days off work to make some enormous batches of food to stash in our full-size basement freezer.

Round1: “fancy” tomato soup (with portobello mushrooms, spinach, and Italian sausage), just needs to be paired with a crusty loaf after thawing/heating. Quadrupled recipe yields 10 adult servings and 5 toddler servings 😅

Is anyone else hoarding food for the fall/winter like an anxious squirrel? 😂