I’m 30 and have only slept with 2 man

Hi, I’m 30 and single mom of a teen boy who is 12. In my life I have only been sexually active with 2 man my sons biological dad and my ex. Note between this two relationships it was a gap of 9 years. After I had my son I was not sexually active not because of not having or wanting but more as a mentality. I grew up in a religious family and till this day I think part of me not sleeping around counts to that. Not judging any who do.

I just started dating this new man and well it’s come up and he told me don’t lie you have only been with 2. I can’t believe it he said. I’m guess I’m questioning myself is it bad that my “body count” is less than 5 and even 3. ???

I do pleasure myself don’t get me wrong but an I too naive or what’s the word regarding having intercourse with a man. I have never hard a 1 nigth stand. Am I missing out. Please advice

Please be kind lol