Pregnancy tests: Am I Crazy?


So for the last 3 months I've noticed a huge drop in quality of pregnancy tests. I'm getting more and more "blank tests" (I use digital) and read errors when I follow the instructions to a T no matter what brand I have. Clear Blue usually 1 out of 2 of the tests I buy stays blank and never reads. I bought CVS brand the other day cuz it was on any of the stores really had (Post Hurricane Ida) and both read error'd following their instructions. After $22, nearly double what I pay for other brands in other stores.

I'm so frustrated. We're completely broke post Hurricane, and I'm high risk. Can't get into the Doc until next month unless I have a positive test (Covid numbers are high, ICU beds are full from both virus and hurricane victims) and I can't even get that done. I'm 67 days late and obviously getting annoyed. I never had problems until this past 8 months, up until then it was maybe one or two read errors or blanks per year, at worst.

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