I want to be a mom.

I’m 25 and never in my life thought I would feel this way. I have always been the friend that was gonna be the cool ‘aunt’.

But: I feel a deep kind of want or need to be a mom.

What in the world is going on.. I was so certain I would never have children and now This feeling has washed over me. I did not sit down to think about this and changed my mind.. it’s just here all of a sudden and has grown in the last month.

My husband has always said that God has said for us to multiply and if he has made us able, we should. He also says that he feels I deserve to be a mom, to feel what that is like and to love someone so deeply.

I am totally battling myself. My heart and mind are fighting. I have an IUD placed and strongly feel the need to have that removed because after actually looking into it, I don’t believe it’s good. ( I know a bit late to look into it, I was not being wise)

Can someone help me with some Christian insight ? I have asked God, and the only thing that happens is my desire grows.. Yet my mind is telling me not to.