Am i crazy or what?

So my husband says he is tired of being horny and hungry. He says he is jealous of single people, they have more sex and are enjoying their lives more than him. Hungry because he says there are some things that women should just do for their men. Well problem is my husband is not a provider. We go dutch for everything. I work full time, sometimes im up until 3am working and he is sleeping because he receives military benefits but he wants a hot meal everyday 3 times a day. I told him i am not a maid and that he stresses me out. He says i don’t know how horrible men are out there and i should be grateful that he is a good man because he is nice and faithful to me…. So him being nice and not cheating means i should be cooking and cleaning, caring for our 2 yr old, take care of him and work full time. ???!!!!

And this thinking ontop of many issues he causes with me that turn me off completely, this is the reason we dont have sex often. He is not driven, he complains all the time, he doesnt know what he wants in this life but blames me for everything. We dont have anything material wise to show for being a couple because he wastes his money traveling, he doesnt save and complains that we dont have a house and we live in a bad neighborhood. Im so sick of it.