Bad Friend


Bare with me this is going to be a long post.

Okay so something happened that could have been the worse thing in my life to happen to me as a mom.

My best friend of 15 years, her 9 y.o, my 8y.o and my 4y.o. (all boys) went to the mall.

We all got out of the car and as soon as their feet hit the pavement they all started to run ahead of us. I yelled for them to stop and slow down mainly because we were in a gigantic parking lot and some times people in their cars cant see backing out or are just careless.

Well my kids slowed down but her son kept going so she then told him to slow down and he did.

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and have had back, hip, and leg pains due to my pregnancy for the last like 4 months.

So we reached the door and went inside. It was packed.. like almost elbow to elbow. We always go thru the food court entrance because it's easier to find our way around and back.

Well sure enough, as soon as my friends son saw a clearing he took off like a shot. My 2 boys followed suit and I tried to yell for them to slow down but the crowd was too loud for them to hear me and I definitely couldnt run/fast walk to catch up to them.

My friend said "it's okay (sons name) knows where he is going, so we can catch up to them there."

As many people as there was around I was still worried they could get lost or hurt running through the crowd, especially my littlest.

She didnt even bother to try to catch up to them herself.

So after weaving in and out of people like bad holiday traffic, we reach the store.

I see her son and my oldest, not my youngest. So not thinking too much into it because he likes to be independent I walk around the store and look for him. I dont see him right away so I ask my friend if she seen him, she says he was in the back by the storage room.

So I turn back around and look for him, I still dont see him. So not to cause a scene or start to panic I ask my oldest son if he seen him and he says he was next to my friend and her son looking at the cards in the display case. I said uhm no hes not. So I begin to circle the store in panic mode. I still dont see him.

I exit the store and start frantically looking for him. I walk up and down the aisles and inside every store that was within about 50 ft of the one we were in. This took about 10-15mins.

So I go back into the store we were originally in and look around once more and my friend says "did you find him?" And I was like "No, and thank you so f**king much for helping" and I exited the store and began to cry and panic some more.

I told my son who had been following me around the whole time to go to the play place and look for him and then wait for me to come back. So I go all the way back outside to the parking lot thinking maybe he went to my car to wait for me, I got out there and he wasnt there.

I turned back around to head inside all the while looking in peoples cars as I pass because I'm thinking the worst at this time.

When I go back in the doors I see my son standing by the play place and my friend is walking up from the direction of the store they were in, which tells me this whole time I've been looking for my son and killing myself by walking in circles for the past 20-25 minutes, she was still in the store with her son.

She asks me if I found him and I said "no" real loud and pushed past her so we circle the mall again and look in almost every store for him and mind you the whole time this is going on I dont see a security officer or they would have been the first person I'd have asked.

So finally after 45minutes of circling the mall and losing my breath and in full blown panic mode, I see an officer. They had him. Thank the Lord. I broke down and fell to my knees when he came running to me out of that door.

But even though this happened hours ago, and we talked, got food, rode home, and hung out afterwards for a little bit, I'm still pissed off at her. She didnt stop what she was doing to help me. She stayed in that store for almost 20min after I told her he was gone. She could have told her son that we could come back later to get what he wanted, but she didnt. She waited until after he got his things, then came out and helped me look for my son.

I've always done as much as I possibly can for her.. you name it, I've probably done it. But yet when I needed her at my most vulnerable time she wasnt there immediately like I've always been for her.

I dont know how I feel about this now that I've had more time to settle and think on it.

Am I overthinking this? Am I being an assh*le for saying these things?

I havent spoken to her since I got home.

Any advice😪🥺