How to get baby to eat more solids and reduce milk?

Kristina • Lydia Rose 10.15.20 🌹💜

My daughter is about to be 13 months old and takes ~24oz of formula from a bottle daily. Currently she eats 3 meals a day and I offer a straw cup with formula at meals but she drinks very little of it. She takes water from the straw cup without any issue throughout the day. I give her a bottle before her 2 naps and at bedtime (but not to fall asleep- she does go to sleep on her own).

Cow's milk was making her severely constipated so she's still on formula while we try alternatives.

I'm trying to reduce her milk intake and increase solids but she's already eating her fill at meals but not sure how to go about it.

I was thinking about trying to offer formula in her straw cup a little earlier before naps/bed since I want to start weaning from bottle, but I still need to reduce milk intake.

Any tips on how to decrease milk would be helpful or anyone that tried making both changes at the same time.