Vent I Guess

I told my husband that I would like to look into tattoo apprenticeships in the future because I currently work in a hospital lab and would like to work with my art and own my tattoo own shop at some point. I went into detail about how it could be a really chill vibe shop that would be a safe place for women to go to. How I could really be comfortable working where I'm finally happy. He immediately harped on it and told me "of course you would want to do some feminist bullshit like that since Amber Heard lost". I was totally dumbfounded like what the actual fuck does me wanting to own a tattoo shop have anything to do with THAT. Jesus. Then he told me that it was a horrible idea and that I just needed to stick with my current job. (Btw I wasn't planning on leaving my job, i just wanted to get started building my portfolio to then start looking for an apprenticeship.)

Then I told my husband that at some point I want to get another nose piercing and more tattoos. He told me that he's fine with the tattoos but he already hates my current nose piercing and said no to any more. He then said that I could only get more piercings if I get a BBL... I feel so disgusted.