People with a lack of intelligence

I get that people come from all types of backgrounds. But at a certain age, you realize some things are just common sense. Or at least you become matured and (hopefully) educated enough to have a level of intelligence that can score you a normal conversation with someone.

The adults I interact with the most are people I work with. Super intelligent people, they have a higher understanding of our career choice than I do because they've gone to school for it. I have done some individual research throughout the years, and I ask questions about my work all the time. I'm constantly learning and I love that. I don't think there's ever a day where I even want to reach the end of the tunnel and say, "Okay, that's everything. I've learned it all."

On the other hand, when I socialize with people who aren't within my own bubble, I barely become tolerant of an uneducated conversation. When people speak with connotations and mannerisms of online personas, I quickly lose interest. Internet slang can stay on the internet. But as soon as it becomes a part of your every day conversation, it feels incredibly unnatural and like I'm having to dock my own IQ points just to understand a single sentence.

It's incredibly frustrating listening to people talk when they don't seem to know how to properly portray their thoughts. I get the same feeling others get when they hear nails on a chalkboard.

Am I an asshole for feeling frustrated? I don't act on it, but it's in the back of my mind every time someone with less intellect speaks to me. I feel like it's not their fault they didn't have the opportunities that I did to learn. But if they're the same age or older than I am, why is that a valid excuse? People in my age group have their own autonomy to do whatever they want. Why not do what it takes to educate themselves?

It's no longer a valid excuse after becoming a fully, grown, independent adult that you didn't have the same opportunities as a child. The fact is, you do now. YOU control your life and your future. YOU have the power to go out there and become an educated member of society. You don't necessarily have to go to school, but you could read more. Learn how to speak similarly to a person with elevated knowledge as compared to someone with only internet slang running through their head.

Am I toxic for thinking the autonomous uneducated adults in this country are lazy when it comes to common intellect? Key word autonomous, as I understand every situation can be different.