Still going to enjoy it

So my little one Birthday is end of this month. And I’ve done all the planning alone by choice. So yesterday my mom asked me if f she could do some of the cooking. I kindly said no and she got attitude and said wow so your saying I can’t help with my grand child party. It’s not that I’m trying be mean but I know how my mom is and I know she will be late or something. I rather do it all myself and know it’s done and done on time. It’s not a huge party at all about 6 kids for a two year old party. I just know last year she did the food and brought it late so I learned from that. I’m 100% happy doing it alone. But her attitude is unreal then gone say “ I might not come” “ the kids won’t like the bouncy” 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 then don’t come my child will still have a blast.