Talking with my fiance :) (TMI)

Well my fiance (31) and I (21) have been together for almost 5 1/2 years and for the past 2 years I have been wanting a baby. I know he does too but he doesnt really wanna put in the effort. We have sex maybe twice a month. I want to more but he pushes me away. When we have sex and he gets to that point he pulls out about a minute before. Im telling him as he is about to finish"Baby cum inside" but he just cums on the outside. Been like that for 2 years now. Before he used to do it all the time and he came inside everytime. Everytime I try to bring to topic about us having a baby I chicken out. It brings me to the point of almost crying everytime. Well I do. I dont know what he is going to say. I asked him on mothers day " I said mi amor (my love) do you want a child?" He said yea. I said "when do you want to start trying?" He said tomorrow. I was so happy but ever since then he hasnt really showed interest in trying. What should I do? I feel I want this more than he does?