Do you check your cervical mucus?

Gunce • Head of Research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 4 years of infertility treatments.

Many women find the cervical mucus check to be the best way to predict ovulation. In general, as the day of ovulation approaches in your cycle, your vaginal and cervical mucus should increase (i.e. become more moist) and the consistency should become slippery and clear (such as that of egg-whites). This type of clear, slippery CM helps sperm to move faster and to survive longer within the female’s body giving the best chance for fertilization of the egg.

You can check your CM by looking at the toilet paper after you wipe or by inserting a clean finger into your vagina and reaching toward your cervix (which is deeper inside). You're likely to find more CM if you check after a bowel movement. Some women check after they shower every day. It is helpful if you check at roughly the same time each day so that Glow can get consistent measurements.

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