Menstrual cups

K • 🤗
Okay, I've been seeing so many posts here recently about menstrual cups & I just want to give my take, in case anyone is reading this & thinking about trying them. Ever since I got my first period I've been strictly tampons. I'm on my second period using the Vida Cup, & oh my gooooodness, what a godsend this product is! I will never ever go back to tampons, or anything else for that matter! The cup is so convinient, and it NEVER leaks! It was a little hard to insert the right way but after two or three times I am a pro! If any of y'all are considering getting one, or are on the fence---DO IT! I promise y'all, you will not regret it! You can't feel it or anything & you can forget it is even there for 12 hours!