Frustrated please help!

Alexis • FTM so excited to have our baby boy Nicholas EDD February 2, 2015!
I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and I know I'm emotional and hard to handle sometimes but my husband seems to careless what's going on with me, learning how big our baby is, learning how to help me, doing anything for our registry so I can send out invites, nothing he doesn't not care at all. I'm also sick right now and he says well I'm sick too. But I think but you aren't pregnant too! All I want is for some attention and I can't seem to get any out of him. His mom says that since I haven't been getting good attention I'm starting to try to get negative attention... Which could be true because he isn't giving me anything to go with. If I have a craving and ask him to pick it up on his way home from work since he is out he pretends like he didn't get the message and when I ask about it he says "go get it yourself your home all day what do I pay $450/month for your jeep if your not going to drive it" like who says that... Why can't I have a supportive loving husband who wants to try and make things better for me or make me happy. When I had my siatic nerve in my hip acting up he said I better toughen up instead of trying to help me. He's been remodeling the basement for the past month and I've barely got to see him because he works then goes to the gym then comes home eats dinner and goes directly downstairs to work down there to get away from me. What do I do I've told him that I feel unattractive and  I'm sorry for being over emotional and that I miss him and that didn't seem to work. We were supposed to carve pumpkins and go to an apple festival which is my favorite and all I've been talking about being excited for today but instead he ditched me to go to a meat shoot. Am I wrong? Am I overreacting? He also got to feel the baby kick and didn't have really any reaction I almost had to force him to try and feel it. I feel like I'm in this alone and I just don't know what to do anymore... Can anyone give me any advice of maybe how I should talk to him or what to do or tell me if I should quit worrying?
​Please I'm begging for an answer I'm emotionally and physically spent!