Friend doesn't get it

My best friend from college and I are both 37. I got married last October but she is still single, never married and a virgin. She really ticked me off today when I told her my dh and I are ttc. She starts to tell me that I will be a high risk pregnancy if I can even get pregnant. The subject only came up cause I was explaining why I didn't know if I could take a trip with her next year. I told her that I was trying to save vacation days so I could add to my maternity leave. To that she tried to tell me that some companies don't allow you to stack vacation time and maternity leave. I am a huge researcher and spent most of my free time since May looking into all aspects of ttc. I am 100% certain what my company allows cause two of my coworkers had babies this year. It really ticked me off that she of all people thinks she is an expert. Plus it really hurt my feelings. We have only been trying for 2 months so I know it is nothing to stress over yet, but it hurt today especially since Af arrived and I thought for sure I was pg. It's not like I can turn back the clock. I am trying to make the most of the time I have. Sorry but I just had to vent.