Super Faint BFP?? (Or am I seeing things?)

Ashley • Astrophysicist TTC @ 33. Oliver & Alessa born/passed Sept 2008. Emma born Aug 2010. James stillborn Jan 2015. Sarah born Jan 2017.
I'm 9 DPO, AF due Friday the 14th. Took CVS Early Response test today, late afternoon. At first I thought BFN, but then DH saw a faint blue line when he held the test at an angle under the light, and I can see it, too. It doesn't show up great on film, but here's a photo. Super, super faint. Anyone else see it? 
​I'm praying for a BFP--this is our last cycle where I'll be able to have the baby in enough time to have more than a week and a half off of work (I'm a university physics professor). Plus I'm in need of some good news after a particularly rotten day. I've also had a temp jump--from 97.8 to 98.7 yesterday and 98.35 today.