Still testing.... Lol

Sherri • With the help of Glow, now pregnant with my third and final baby! :)
I know that I am pregnant, but untill my first doctors visit I WILL keep testing every other day! So my husband of course walks into the bathroom and sees pregnancy test on the counter. And the response I get is, "Sherri! We know that you are pregnant! Stop wasting money on these stupid tests!" My Smart Alec response, "They are .88 cents, get over it!" At least he knows better to talk back to me especially when I'm pregnant and over-emotional. But instead he grabs my positive test and it does the worst thing imaginable!!! THROWS IT IN THE GARBAGE!! How dare he! Don't ask me what I plan on doing with 10 positive pregnancy tests, but they won't be in the trash!! ;)​I saved you my pretty!!!