Cooking while pregnant and after delivery?

Erica • 💕💕FTM pregnant with a baby girl, due May 1, 2016💕💕
Well let me start by saying my first trimester I could not cook at all. Everything made me throw up, I was so sensitive to smells and even now my husband will cut onions and mince garlic for me. It does make me nauseous at times. 
Well my mom suggested around 32 weeks to start buying frozen dinners and such so we can heat up food at a whim. I don't mind that suggestion but I'm trying to eat a healthy diet as well and I know frozen dinners aren't always that good for you. 
So my Question is has anyone still cooked after giving birth? Was it difficult? I'm just curious I'm new to this. I just started trying crockpot meals to make things easier. I'm open to suggestions.
Speaking of I tried chicken taco rice bowls today. It's still cooking now but it was easy: