It's finally my turn 👶🏼➕❤️

After being on depo for only 6 months in 2014, I thought I was never going to be able to have kids. (I overexagerate)
From January 2015 Til June 2015, I had a period everyday due to depo. I was prescribed low dose birth control pills in late June to regulate my periods. Well, it worked! I knew my body was getting back to normal. I stopped taking the birth control in September. 
Even though my periods were regular again, I was still pretty upset that i haven't gotten pregnant, yet. 
I used preseed, Geritol, Fertilaid, mucinex, tracked ovulation, & charted my BBT. Nothing worked. 
So, in December, I gave up. I stopped tracking, I had sex when I WANTED too, once in my fertile window. I was just done stressing. I kept telling myself, stressing makes it worse. 
A week ago, I had tender nipples and slight cramps, I knew AF was about to be here. I felt more moody. 
I'm Haley. My period is due in 2 days, 1 day before my birthday (the 13th), & I'm finally pregnant. 
Share your BFP stories. :)