Please pray for my sister

I don't ask for much but please pray for my sister. I been having a hard stressful week. I had to rush my sister to the emergency again where they had to fly her to another hospital. The hospital sent her home last night saying she would be fine after she was bleeding having pain that it would stain her clothes. The doctor at the last hospital told her she wasnt pregnant so they gave her some tylenol. on the discharge papers he wrote that she was having complications from her period. With our family history people go through a great ordeal finding out their pregnant because of what a urine test say and there's no explanation as to why this keeps happening to my relatives. Relatives of mines always wait until around their 5th or 6month but actually already know. Her boyfriend came home from work and she was on the floor passed out unresponsive. The ambulance was taking their everlasting time so I came and got her right when he called me I didn't wait on the ambulance. But when I brought her in the second time they stabilized her and found out she was pregnant then came out to tell me this while saying they have to transfer her. They wouldn't let me speak to her so Currently I'm headed to the hospital she is being transferred to. They getting her ready for transfer. I just wish doctors would listen more.