Family/in-laws problems!

Liz • Mommy to Charlotte born June 24th 2015, healing from loss of baby #2 and pregnant with rainbow baby boy due Jan 2018👶🏼
does anyone else have family/in-law issues? My fiancé has a crazy/horrible family that does nothing but cause problems and go out of their way to be cruel to us. I've been with him for 5 years and things have been getting worse despite our continuous efforts for peace. Anyone else struggle with this? I'm 4 weeks pregnant and SO HAPPY and my fiancé and I are so blessed but we're just dealing with negativity from his family constantly. To the point where I now have anxiety thinking about telling them we are pregnant in 8 weeks. Any advice? Would we be wrong to exclude them from our pregnancy/lives? Hubby is DONE but I feel guilty we can't make this work. I want as much family to love on my little bean as possible. But they are just evil ... Feeling hopeless :(