Not sexual

Shannon • Hi im shan im new to glow i must say i love this app well im 20 trying to get pregnant with my 3rd child

Well let me see how I can put this in words without sounding like a asshole

Note: I love my boyfriend????

Story time!!!!!!!!!!!!

After I had my 2rd son sex just don't feel the same anymore

Its painful an a bit annoying how my boyfriend ask me a lot

To have sex I don't wanna be rude or mean but I tell him yes

My vagina feel dry an tight well a Lil too tight its soooooooooooo painful

I use lubrication an it helps a Lil bit but I really don't wanna have sex anymore

We both been trying for a another kid

But I want last no longer than 5mins

Sooo I rush him to hurry up I know its wrong but Idk what to do about it

We try everything under the sun to get me in the mood

But its not working

Idk what to do about it can someone help me out