Baby shower

Maybe its just me but i feel so upset that i dont have "family" to come to a baby shower . i cant have one .... mainly because baby showers are to Get stuff for your baby , reunite family , and get both sides of the families to meet each other . I only have my grandma & my sister . my sister has 3 kids , just gave birth about a month ago , so i dont expect her to come & the only person i would have is my grandma . My SO side is only his sister , mom and dad . i dont have older friends as i am only 18 and my SO friends are so immature , i wouldn't even bother . Is it wrong for me to feel upset , that i will probably never in my life have a baby shower ? I could use the help most people get during baby showers. all the diapers & clothes and things . I feel wrong for feeling upset but it makes me , kind of want to cry , knowing that the first child is when your mainly only supposed to do a baby shower and i wont be able to have one .