Positive thoughts needed💕

Kelsy • We are happily pregnant with twins👶🏼👶🏼
Hello. My DH and I are having the CVS procedure done tomorrow due to a very concerning ultrasound last week. We are 11 weeks & 4 days pregnant with twins and Baby B's scan was abnormal. Our Doctor who is also a MFM specialist, was very concerned and said that CVS was the best option for us to determine if anything was wrong with both babies (our blood work was normal). If a minor medical issue is found then there are options to help correct the issue even while in utero but if a major issue is found we would like to be aware so that we can prepare ourselves. We were informed of all the severe issues that could be happening and it's very sad to think that one or both of our babies might lose a chance at being born. I can't even allow myself to go down that road of thinking as it's just too heartbreaking. My DH and I have been trying for a long time to be pregnant and felt very fortunate and blessed to learn that I was carrying two! 
This past week has been emotionally draining since all of the twin's measurements and heart rates have been great up until this point so this ultrasound caught us off guard but I'm trying to hold onto my faith that both of our babies could still be perfectly healthy. I've never asked for prayers or well wishes for me but I'm asking (if you are someone who prays) for you to keep our twins in your thoughts as they need all the love, support, and prayers that they can get. I really appreciate the support during this very difficult time.