Scared to test


Me and my dh have been ttc for 7-8 months now. On Oct my periods started becoming irregular. Oct was 9 days late. November was like 13 days late. And Dec was 16 days late. All bfn. And af showed up :( here I am again 14 days late. I wanna test but I'm scared of seeing negative. My husbands birthday is Wednesday and I'd love to give him the gift he's been wanting.

As far as symptoms I haven't really had any. One night I had a severe headache and was very nauseous.

The last 2 times we had sex I had super light spotting when I wiped right after and both times I figured it was af starting. I'd put on a panty liner and have a small amount of brown discharge the next day and that was it. Then nothing.

My husbands thinks I'm pregnant but doesn't wanna get excited until he sees a positive. He swears I'm pregnant Cuz one of our dogs has recently become super lovey and cuddly with me. She won't leave my side. Even if I go brush my teeth she sits by my feet. In bed she wants to lay right next to me. She usually likes to be at the foot of the bed.

I'm trying to not jump to any conclusions. It's just hard. If I'm not why can't af just come on time. I wanna wait and test on my husbands bday but I also don't wanna give bad news on his bday if I get a bfn again.