What have I done?

Braelyn • Baby #1 due June 1st
I've always said if I have a baby, my baby is going to have her daddy right next to her mommy. I want my baby to have a daddy and mommy that are together, not going back and forth from house to house. I had to deal with that when I was a kid and it sucked. I grew up to end up just hating my real dad. I don't want our baby to hate either of us. I'm just so stuck because I think I need to leave my baby daddy, all we ever do is fight and fight and fight. I'm a "cunt" I'm a "bitch." Hes probably told me at least 3 times, whenever he's gotten mad to "get an abortion". That shit hurts, it's fucked up. I know he just says it because hes mad and wants to hurt me. But it's sick. All I've been doing is stressing and crying because I have no faith in us anymore. And everytime I try to have faith or try to fix things, it just all gets torn apart again.