encouraging- keeping faith.

my husband and I are christains and fully believe in prayer. It seems like every time I get to a point where I can't take it something happens. we literally had one guy come up to us one time and told my husband to place hos hand on my stomach and told him if he sees kids with me to claim it. Well last month was 14 months ttc and I got to that point again and lo and behold there was a lady that posted her story on fb after saying she felt like someone needed to hear it. The doctors said she could never have kids SO she started pretending that she was pregnant.. literally. she would buy baby stuff and she even set up a nursery. she said her friends thought she had flipped her lid. WELL.. she now has a beautiful daughter who is now 11 years old. And she started talking about walking in faith. Come sunday we were at church and a guy before the message talked about "when God is trying to tell you something" and how he'll get hours point across. well then the message itself was titled "walking in your victory." imagine that. . don't lose faith ladies! set up a nusery! I set up a cradle and stuff in my bedroom and already started painting one of our rooms!