IUD Removal?!

Ashley • Met my husband 3 years ago. Married Nov 2013. We have one son (age 2). TTC with baby #2!!!!
Hello, I had my IUD removed on August 7, 2014. I have had it right around a year. About how long did it take you and your SO to become pregnant (I know everyone is different) I just wanna know!!! 
​A lil background...my periods have always been irregular. I was on BC since 13 to try and regulate them. I stopped taking any kind of BC around 18 (2008) I got with my husband we got pregnant in dec 2011. Had our son  in Sept 2012. Had IUD put in Jan 2013.  After I had it removed I have been so heavy!!! This past period came. Week early and was extremely heavy!!! I guess I'm just needing some good vibes sent my way. We weren't trying for our first he was just an unplanned blessing we call our miracle!! 
​Thank you in advance for any and all information and input!!!!!