Ana • 18 |
well i have a bf now that i will have forever he saved me from the love story im about to tell. i had a love for my bestfriend and he finally asked me out one day and i was so happy, i didn't know hell awaited; this guy could lie like you couldnt imagine. he cheated on me from the day we started datig with this exchange student from spain. she slept in his bed and had sex with him everywhere in the house, i had no idea, but i knew one day i broke up with him and he kept coming back and i was so in love idc he started to abuse me and he acted so caring...more caring then my current bf. he raped me in my sleep multipule times, i had no idea till my friend watched it happen. he told me that he loved me how do you do that to the ne you love especially knowing how my past was with sexual abuse and stuff. i was crushed. i still miss him, but he's a peice of shit forever.