Positive ov test but cramps and back pain


So this is my first attempt at trying, been off the pill for a couple months so been having sex but i only came on my period a couple weeks ago..was a light bleed that lasted 4-5 days. I was happy that i could finally start tracking my cycle! So yesterday and today ive had a positive ov test although todays was darker..but today ive also got a sudden onset of pms type cramps and quite severe lower back pain...could this be symptoms of ovulating?? Or could i be pregnant from before and the bleed that i did have just be implantion or something? I'm a bit confused cause i've had headaches too and although i dont feel sick i cant stand the smell of coffee...i hated it anyway but i wont even kiss my boyfriend now if i can smell he's had some! i didn't expect to feel like this just from ovulating :/

Anyone else had this or can shed some light as to what's going on?


Heidi x